Bookmarking Internet Favourites
Published December 2003

Surfing the internet is a bit like travelling in a foreign city; it is often hard to remember where you found that particular gem of a site. Bookmarking allows you to find again those sites you liked or found useful.

To Bookmark a site in Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) bring the site up then click on Favorites on your top menu bar. A sub menu will appear. Click on Add to Favorites which will open the Add Favorite window which allows you to either add the bookmark to your main list, simply by pressing OK, or to file it in a sub folder by selecting Create In which shows you a list of your folders. Choose the folder you wish to save the link in by clicking on it then press OK. The names of the options may vary slightly in IE depending on what version you are using.

To Bookmark a site in Netscape (using either a Linux or Windows computer) bring the site up then click on Bookmarks on your top menu bar. You will be given the option to Bookmark This Page. To select that option either click on it or press CRTL and D on your keyboard. This places the bookmark at the bottom of your existing list of bookmarks. The other option you are presented with is File Bookmark which opens the File Bookmark window. Here, like in IE, it allows you to choose a folder in which to file your bookmark. It also allows you to enter a name of your choice and keywords to remind you what the link is about or what it relates to.

Bookmarking in Konqueror 2.2.1 is very similar to Netscape. Once you have a site open click on Bookmarks on the top menu, then choose Add Bookmark. You will also see the New Folder option if you wish to make separate folders within your Bookmarks file.

Okay so now you have bookmarked your site and it is safely filed in your bookmarks. How do you bring it back up next time? If you are using IE, open up your browser then go to Favorites on the top menu and move down the list of sites it brings up below the horizontal line. When you see the site you want Click On It and the site (if it still exists) will come up.

In Netscape and Konqueror go to Bookmarks and select the site you want to go to from the bookmarked list. You do not need to have already opened a site to access your list of bookmarks.

You can organise your Bookmarks in all three browsers. In IE, you can create folders, move and delete your bookmarks by clicking on Organize Favorites. You can also RIGHT CLICK on your bookmarks list and Sort by Name to get them listed alphabetically. In Netscape click on Manage Bookmarks. This will allow you to move, delete, add folders and separators while in Konqueror clicking on Edit Bookmarks brings up the Bookmark Editor which allows you to move around your bookmarks by dragging them with your mouse or by using the Edit option on the Bookmark Editor’s top menu.

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