PC Directory Structure
Published March 2001

When running your own PC you can organise your directory structure to suit your own needs as long as you follow a few basic safety guidelines.

If you are running a windows operating system (such as Windows 95, 98, 2000, or ME) then most of your operating system will be loaded into your C:\ drive, in C:\Windows and most of your programs (the software that makes things happen) under C:\Program Files. As a rule, unless you are an expert, it is best not to attempt to alter where your programs and operating system are stored or where they operate from, but it is a good idea to keep your DATA files (letters, graphics and the like) separate from your program files. This makes your system easier to navigate, while making both re-installation of software and backing up of data files simpler.

You are free to set up a directory structure for your data files that suits you. For example I build commercial web sites, work as a web master for a number of voluntary organisation, work as a freelance writer and write fiction. As as a consequence I have separate directories for each of my areas of work, Web Building, Web Mastering, FWC Writing and Fiction. Within each directory I have sub directories for specific clients, administration, communications, backups etc. To the left you’ll see how part of one of my drives - the FWC Writing directory structure is set up.

If you are going to alter your directory structure it can be advisable to work out how you want it to work on a piece of paper, before you start making and deleting folders, so you can see what your display will look like once you’ve built your tree structure.

To make a new folder in Windows open Windows Explorer. Windows Explorer usually opens with a two part window. Under VIEW you can select it to show details (text) or icons (pictures). While setting up your directory structure I suggest you set it to DETAILS. Once you’ve done that click on the drive in the left hand side of the display (so it is highlighted) where you want to make a new folder, then go to FILE on the top menu and click on NEW, this will give you the option of FOLDER, among others. Click on FOLDER. This will create a folder usually called New Folder which will usually appear at the bottom of the existing folders, on that drive, in the right hand window. Usually the wording New Folder is highlighted so you can rename it immediately. If it is not highlighted, right click on the folder and you’ll be given the option to RENAME. Click that and then type in the name you want.

To add a subdirectory (for example Faxes is a Subdirectory of Communication on my Drive shown above) click on the FOLDER you want the new folder to appear within (e.g. Communication), then repeat the new folder process as outlined in the previous paragraph. If you have any problems with any of the above or if your configuration is slightly different, and you are a CCS client, send an email to me frogwrite@kinzett.org.nz and I’ll see if I can assist. Please mention that you are a CCS member and which branch you belong to. Likewise, if you are running Linux and you are a CCS client and need help with your directory structure send me an email and I’ll put you in touch with a Linux expert.

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