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Published December 2001 - updated October 2004.

With Christmas, Eid, New Year and other seasonal celebrations almost upon us consider E Cards as an alternative to your standard snail mail 40 cent stamp, postal cards. There are a myriad of sites on the internet offering free E Cards, covering most occasions, celebrations and tastes.

You can send animated cards, humorous cards, religious cards, cards depicting modern art, New Zealand cards, travel postcards, eco cards for every occasion and faith, Eid cards or even specialist geek & yoga cards, just to mention a few.

You can send anyone, with internet access and an email address, an e card. Most cards allow you to add your message, some give you the options of adding or changing the music that plays when the card is opened.

Free E cards are not only free to send, but they also don’t take up a lot of space in people’s email boxes. Instead of sending the card physically to the recipient's mailbox, the card is stored on the E Card company's server and the recipient is sent an URL (internet site address) at which they can view their card.

Below are just a few E card company URLs (web site addresses). If none of these appeal you can always bring up a search engine like http://www.google.co.nz/ and type in as your search string "free E cards".

E Cards http://www.e-cards.com/
New Zealand - Charter Link http://www.charterlinksouth.co.nz/postcards/free-postcards.html
New Zealand - TKI Ecards. http://www.tki.org.nz/r/ecards/
New Zealand - Wellness Shop Ecards. http://www.wellness-shop.co.nz/ecards_select.html
Blue Mountain
Cards and Screen Savers
MoMA Art E Cards http://www.moma.org/ecards/

Geek Culture Cards


Yoga Ecards

Care 2 Eco Cards
Care 2 offer cards for almost every occasion & faith.

Sherpa Holidays Travel Postcards
& Screen savers


Galapagos Ecards

Eid Greetings  
Salam Cards http://www.salamcards.com
Care 2 Eco Cards Eid Section http://www.care2.com/send/cateid1.html
Ramadhan Cards, Ecards, Greetings and Wishes from RamadanOnNet.com http://www.ramadanonnet.com/
E-Cards.com. Ramadhan Section http://www.e-cards.com/catalog/occasions-pick.pl
Select Ramadhan on the Select a Holiday drop down list.


Remember to keep your virus protection up to date - this is also the virus season.


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