Free Internet Access
Published June 2000
Updated 11 June 2002

A recent change in the New Zealand internet market is the appearance of companies offering Internet access for free. You still need to have a computer, or a mate’s computer that you can use, browser software (Netscape, Opera, Internet Explorer etc.) and a telephone line.

The two main companies offering free internet access are ZFree and i4free. ZFree is a subsidiary of Clear Communications and i4free is an independent New Zealand Company.



If you are worried that nothing is ever free, and you are questioning how these companies can possibly offer such a service without any financial return, then consider them in the same light as free newspapers, free to air television and radio. Free Internet Access companies make their money through advertising and may as part of their Terms & Conditions reserve the right to use your contact details to market “other services or the services of carefully selected partners to you,” meaning that your details may be sold to direct marketing type companies.

If you wish to join up with either company it is really important that you read, very carefully, their Terms & Conditions as these outline the legal agreement you would be entering into. If there is anything in the Terms & Conditions you don’t understand, email or phone the company and ask them for clarification.

ZFree’s Terms & conditions are easy to find and relatively easy to understand. They also include their privacy information within the Terms & Conditions. i4free’s conditions are harder to find and once found the page looks empty. Move down quite a long way and you’ll find the information. Also ensure you read their Privacy Policy as it is not on the same page.

ZFree - Terms & Conditions

i4free - Terms & Conditions

As an aside, even if you don’t want to sign up for free internet access, I suggest you bookmark the ZFree home page as they have an excellent search engine, the Searchilator which lets you search the internet with a range a search engines without having to go to their respective home pages or know their addresses.

Update 11 June 2002: Please note that both zfree and i4free have ceased offering a free internet service in the New Zealand market. A quick search on Google using a search string like "free internet access" is likely to provide current free internet access providers.

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