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Published October 2002
Updated 28 November 2006

If you are job hunting, don’t forget the internet. Employment agencies, in particular, are taking advantage of the internet, using it not only as an advertising vehicle but also as a mechanism for accepting applications.

Rather than commencing your search by accessing individual employment agency sites, check out the specialist portal sites such as TradeMe Jobs and SEEK Note that JOBSTUFF, the employment division of the Fairfax Stuff site has become TradeMe Jobs since Fairfax bought TradeMe. Seek and the TradeMe Jobs sites are equipped with internal search engines allowing you to search for vacancies by location (i.e. Wellington, Auckland etc), by profession or industry and by permanent, contract or part-time.

Seek run a specialist IT (Information Technology) subsection and allow you to shortlist jobs of interest and save the shortlist for later examination.

The TradeMe Jobs site does not allow you to create and save your own shortlist; as a consequence you need to click on each link and inspect the detailed job descriptions as you go.

I suggest that as you work through the TradeMe Jobs site, you have open Word, Notepad or a similar text editor, and that you copy and paste the details of any job that interests you into Word or Notepad and save them, in effect building your own shortlist to examine in detail later.

To copy and paste, first Select the text of interest to you on the web page by holding down the shift key (or left mouse button) as you wipe your mouse across the text, then copy by pressing Ctrl and C. Go to your text editor (Word, Notepad or the like) and paste by pressing Ctrl and V.

A number of sites allow you to apply on-line. If you do so, make sure you keep a copy of your application and the job description. If you decide to deposit and store your resume online, rather than sending it online in an application for a particular job, ALWAYS ensure that you first read the privacy information. If you don't like the privacy provisions don't store your resume online - remember it is your resume and your details.

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