Legal Status of Emails
Published April 2003

Emails are now legally recognised under the law. The Electronic Transactions Act 2002, passed in October 2002 provides for some previously paper based legal requirements to be met by the use of emails, but there are certain provisos.

For example if you are required to provide information 'in writing' you can only use email if the person/people/company or organisation you are dealing with agrees. If you do agree to use email instead of paper based documents do note that an email is deemed to be delivered once it has been sent whether you have received it or not.

You can agree with the people emailing you that you have to acknowledge receipt of the email for them to regard it as delivered but this would have to be agreed to before you started using email for legal 'in writing' purposes.

For further information on the implications of The Electronic Transactions Act 2002 consult your lawyer or local Citizen's Advice Bureau.

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