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Published August 2001 updated February 2013

If you run into a problem while sitting at your computer and can’t find the answer in the HELP files for the program concerned, it is possible that the answer may be available online. There are a wide range of really useful trouble shooting sites out there on the internet. These include sites set up by the software manufacturers like Microsoft, community sites, like ours, specialist sites, like Tech TV, and sites catering for certain types of queries, like Web Monkey.

If you have the time it is a good idea to have a look through some of the sites when you don’t have a problem so that when trouble strikes you’re able to navigate your way around the assistance sites without too much stress.

Below we’ve listed a number of sites to check out along with a very brief description of what it is they offer, but please note you’ll find out a lot more by checking them out in person. The descriptions here barely do them justice. Another tip to remember is that many software companies are making their software manuals available online although manuals can be quite heavy going.

Microsoft Office Assistance Site
This site covers a range of queries and how to topics for MS Office.
Web Monkey Tutorials
A site for website builders with an excellent set of tutorials for all levels of expertise including beginners.
Web Graphics for Beginners
A beginner tutorial for website builders on using web graphics.
Web Monkey - Glossary
A great place to check out what all those geek words actually mean.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Glossary
A glossary to check out what geeks and marketing people are talking about when they mention SEO for your website.
Beginner's Guide to WordPress
A great place to check out if you are starting your own site with Wordpress.
Tips for Better Blogging
Tips to check out if you publish, or plan to publish a blog.
Tech TV
A site packed full of articles, news, help and how to for every one from beginners to geeks.
Tech TV Help and How To
The help pages address.
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