Service Providers On-line
Published November 2001

As the internet becomes more and more accessible, an increasing number of New Zealand service and governmental organisations are setting up comprehensive web sites.

If you have access to the Internet it is often easier to do your preliminary research via such web sites before you pick up the phone, or put pen to paper. If you are able to find out exactly which department handles your query, prior to ringing, you may well avoid being shuffled around various extensions in search of someone who can help. It is also less embarrassing if you go looking in the wrong place.

On sites such as Government Online and many of the City Council sites you can have your say as a tax/rate payer by responding to discussion documents and participating in matters under consultation.

To give you an idea of the wealth of information available online, the Hutt City Council site, for example, includes sections on:

  • Public Notices
  • Council Services
  • Political System
  • Public Documents
  • Community Development
  • Hutt City Profile (including tourist information and street maps)

Below are just a few URLs (web site addresses) that may prove helpful. The next time you have a query for a NZ service organisation, before you pick up the telephone, take a couple of minutes to see if they are online - it might save you some time.

NZ Government Online
Wellington City Council
Wellington City Libraries
Hutt City Council
The NZ Family Planning Association
The Urge - Teenage Issues, news etc



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