Shortcut Keys
Published November 2000

The mouse seems to have become an integral part of operating a computer, most instructions say click here and click there, however for many functions in windows computers (& Linux systems) there are alternative keyboard options known as Shortcut Keys.

Tables of Shortcut Keys can usually be found in the HELP files, but at times it can be a bit of a business locating the information. I recommend using the Help index and searching for the word shortcut. That is, go to HELP on your top toolbar, then select the option that mentions Index (these instructions are generic as programs vary) and type in the word you want to find.

Ive included below a table of just a few of the shortcut keys for MS Word - there are pages of them in the Help file. Many of these, like the copy and paste keyboard combinations, work across a range of programs. If you are not sure, and cant find any reference to shortcut keys in the help files and you are a CCS client send an email to me and Ill send you the full list from the help file. Please mention that you are a CCS member and which branch you belong to. If you want to experiment, save your work, then try it out, but save your work first.

Create a new document CTRL+N Change the font CTRL+SHIFT+F
Open a document CTRL+O Change the font size CTRL+SHIFT+P
Close a document CTRL+W Change the case of letters SHIFT+F3
Save a document CTRL+S Bold CTRL+B
Quit Word ALT+F4 Underline CTRL+U
Find CTRL+F Double-underline CTRL+SHIFT+D
Repeat find ALT+CTRL+Y Italic CTRL+I
Replace CTRL+H Copy CTRL+C
Go to CTRL+G Paste CTRL+V
Undo CTRL+Z Single-space lines CTRL+1
Redo CTRL+Y Double-space lines CTRL+2
Where it says CTRL+W , hold down the CRTL key first then strike the W.

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