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Published June 2002

For those of you planning to take a trip overseas, or even if you are a seasoned traveller, it is now possible to find a vast range of information regarding accessible travel on the internet. Below I have detailed just a few of the sites I found; you can also search the internet. Try using ”access to travel” and “disabled travellers” as your search strings. “Access to travel” will bring up North American run sites in the main, whereas the “disabled travellers” search string brings up a more international mix.

Sites such as Moss Rehab Resource Net offer wide ranging advice and information for the disabled traveller including links to both US State and International Tourism Offices.

The Disability Travel Links website, another US based site, is a portal site, meaning that they have collected together links to other useful sites. The Disability Travel Links site uses very large text for ease of reading.

The Canadian government has recently launched their nationwide Access to Travel site which provides in depth information on nationwide inter-city air, bus, ferry and rail companies as well as local transportation providers for most major cities in Canada.

Access-Able Travel Source offers information on accessible transportation, accommodation, sightseeing, equipment rental and repair in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, South Africa, parts of Asia and parts of Western Europe.

The Thailand Tourist Authority licensed site Thai Focus has a section entitled Disabled Travel to Thailand and the Highland Traveller site provides information for disabled travellers visiting Scotland.

I also found a NZ based site Travel Planner which, although low on specifics, does provide the contact telephone number for Enable Information (a national disability information and referral service) who can then provide you with details of the local Disability Information Centre.

If you are planning on doing some travelling, try a little surfing first, it may make your travel planning a lot easier and perhaps even make your trip, when you take it, more enjoyable.

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