Seasonal Warning
Published December 2000

This time of year traditionally sees a proliferation of viruses as many virus makers take advantage of the Seasonal wishes being sent around the world. Please make sure your virus software is up to date and use it to check email attachments before opening them.

If you are not running up to date Virus software then DO NOT open any executable (.exe) or word (.doc) files as many sweet looking Christmas Card type programs that decorate trees, and the like, contain a date related virus activation sequence, meaning that on a certain date they activate a virus in your system. If you want to send cards to friends, either use reputable free E-Card companies, like Blue Mountain or E- Greetings or make your own and send them in rich text format (.rtf), rather than as document (.doc) files.

Blue Mountain

E Greetings

If readers are interested we have the facility to operate a free general Bulletin Board on a page of this archive archive site which could be used for CCS members to post questions and answers, allowing us to share expertise and generally communicate in an open forum. If youíre interested in using such a Bulletin board and you are a CCS client, send an email to me and Iíll look at setting it up. Please mention that you are a CCS member and which branch you belong to.

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