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Published February 2002

A Web Ring connects a series of sites dealing with a particular topic or area of interest. It enables visitors to go from one site to another within a particular topic without having to use a search engine. From a site owner's perspective it is a way of making your site available to other people who are directly interested in the subject matter of your site.

As such the Clan MacLean Web Ring connects a range of sites put together by members of the MacLean Clan. Likewise the Caregivers Ring connects sites built by, or for, Caregivers and the Cave Photography Web Ring connects site "devoted to all types of photography in zero light".

The Web Ring logo box that appears on a member site usually has a range of buttons, or links, that allow the viewer to connect straight to the next site in the ring, the previous site, a random ring site, or apply to join the ring. It is that logo box that joins each site to the rest of the ring.

There are web rings on the internet for almost every conceivable area of interest, whether it be a hobby, religion, profession, genetic connection or disability. Often by visiting a Web Ring Hub you can view a list of all the sites on a particular ring.

Below are just a few web rings on the internet which deal specifically with issues to do with disability or chronic illness.

The Invisible Disabilities Advocate Webring http://www.invisibledisabilities.com/rings.htm
Disability Web Rings Hosting http://www.d-r-d.com/ringlink.html
Focus on Disability Web Rings http://www.crossd17.freeserve.co.uk/webrings.htm
Home Educating Children with Special Educational Needs http://www.he-special.org.uk/webring.htm


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