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Published December 1999

If mobility is a problem and you have Internet access you can now buy your groceries from Woolworths online. I've been buying my groceries via the Internet for 10 months now and the system has proved to be both effective and safe. Woolworths operate a secure server and the information is encoded and not visible to a third party. Most importantly no payment details are sent via the net at any time. A standard bank direct debit is set up in advance. Most grocery shops take me between 10 and 15 minutes to complete on my computer. The groceries are then delivered to my door and the cost of the order plus $9.50 courier fee is direct debited to my bank account.

To sign up for the service you need to access the Woolworths website and register. As part of the registration process you print out a direct debit form to complete and post it (snail mail) to Woolworths in Auckland. Once your bank processes the direct debit form, Woolworths email you and advise you that you are cleared to shop.

Shopping is done either by a Brand/Product search or by browsing Departments (e.g. fresh produce), Aisles (e.g. green veges) and Shelves (e.g. lettuces). Once you have done your first shop, on the next visit you will be able to take any items off the last shop straight into your shopping cart. The shopping cart gives you a running total as you add items. Once an item is in your cart, you can increase the quantity or remove the item by clicking on a plus or minus sign.

You also have the facility to add instructions like asking for small apples or greenish bananas and to request substitutes for unavailable items. Specials are listed together as a group labelled Specials, but the special price will still show, and apply, if you access any products on special via a Shelf or Brand/Product search. Before I complete my shop I usually check the Specials list just in case there is a better deal on an alternative brand to one I have chosen.

The groceries are delivered with a copy of your order form detailing the amount ordered in one column and the amount supplied in the next, along with the exact amount debited from your account. Woolworths also operate a very efficient Help Desk (tollfree telephone & email) to provide any assistance you may need.

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